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Watertight sprayskirt in lightweight nylon. Sealed seams, adjustable waist and a coating with extra friction against cockpit rim.

M: 80cm x 50cm
L: 85cm x 52cm
XL: 90cm x 52cm


Watertight cockpit cover in light weight nylon with a loop to secure it to the kayak.

M: 80cm x 50cm
L: 85cm x 52cm
XL: 90cm x 52cm


Light bunge cord, easy to secure to a kayak with a plastic hook. Velcro lock for paddleshaft.


Sturdy Nylon pogies. Stiffened with plastic to keep it open for easy accesses. 


Kit of two 4 meter nylon straps with heavy duty buckles. 


Paddle jacket with all the features you would need for a day out at the sea. Light weight breathable fabric, latex cuffs, adjustable hood and double skirts.

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Kolga, another of the nine daugters of Ågir and Ran. Their names all means wave.

Sigyn was the wife of Loke. When Loke was tied to a rock with acid dripping on him, Sign tried to stop the acid by holding a bowl to catch the acid. But it was spilling over, and that is according to the saga, the reason for earthquakes.

Frey, son of Njord, was a fertility God. He owned a lot of precios items, as the ship Skibladner. 

Nanna was the wife of Balder and died of greif when he was killed by his brother Hod. 

Andavere was a dwarf living in a waterfall. He had the abiltity to transform himself to a fish. Loke stole all his gold after catching him in a fishingnet. Andavere got revenge by putting a death spell on a ring stolen from him.

Heffring was one of Ågir and Rans daughters, all different waves. In the old language her name ment "the lifting one".

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