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Norse Idun is a smaller version of the very popular Bylgja. It is a very playful kayak that does not fear the tough sea. With its hard chine and shorter length, you have full control. The lightweight V-shaped hull makes it easy to maintain speed and the course stability. In addition to aramid reinforcement in the keel like all our kayaks, this model also has side reinforcements to withstand a lot of punches. Day hatch behind the cockpit and a small hatch for storage just in front of the cockpit.

Total volume: 274l. Front bulkhead: 45l. Cockpit: 145l. Day hatch: 30l. Rear bulkhead: 54l. Max loading weight: 110kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 45kg. - 80kg.

Length: 485 cm

Width: 54 cm

Glassfiber: 23 kg

Carbon: 20 kg


Width: 40 cm

Length: 78 cm

Height: 29 cm

Idun is a beautiful goddess with long golden hair, she supplies the other gods and goddesses with youth's apples to keep them young and beautiful forever.


This is a hardchine kayak with a firm skeg. Bylgja is extremely well tracking in all conditions, and turns on a dime. As all our sea kayaks Bylgja´s hull is reinforced with aramid all the way through her keel. But in addition to this the chines is also reinforced to take a beating. This kayak has three bulkheads, and as for storage room; two dayhatches. 

Length: 520 cm

Width: 55 cm 

Fiberglass: 24 kg
Carbon: 21 kg

Cockpit measures:

Width: 40 cm

Length: 84 cm

Height: 30 cm

Bylgja, daughter of rulers of the seas Ågir and Ran, was one of the waves found at sea. We can only imagen she was one of the larger ones.

Total volume: 350l. Front bulkhead: 65l. Cockpit: 180l. Day hatch: 35l. Rear bulkhead: 70l. Max loading weight: 140kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 60kg. - 110kg.


Freyja is designed with the smaller paddler in mind, with its 550 cm length and 55 cm width. It has a v-shaped hull which contribute to Freyja´s fast speed and great tracking. The accessible day hatch behind the cockpit gives access to one out of three bulkheads. All hatches are watertight and easy to open in all conditions. The comfortable seat with adjustable backrest makes staying out on the waters for hours a real pleasure. 

Total volume: 253l. Front bulkhead: 55l. Cockpit: 115l. Day hatch: 33l. Rear bulkhead: 50l. Max loading weight: 95kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 50kg. - 75kg. Designed by Bjorn Lehtinen. 

Length: 550 cm

Width: 55 cm

Fiberglass: 24 kg

Carbon: 20 kg
Cockpit measures:

Width: 39 cm

Length: 75 cm

Height: 31 cm

Freyja, wife of Odin, was the fertility and love god. She was consulted in cases of love, pregnancies, and during births. She had the powers over the growth in nature, but she was also a warrior when needed. 


Ymir is a large rudder kayak with a very long waterline. It has lots of loading capacity and it's heigth in the front of the cockpit makes it easy for a large paddler to enter. The kayak has two bulkheads and a dayhatch. The long waterline and v-shaped hull gives great speed and tracking without compromising on stability.

Total volume: 321l. Front bulkhead: 60l. Cockpit: 150l. Day hatch: 41l. Rear bulkhead: 70l. Max loading weight: 120kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 80kg. - 110kg. Designed by Bjorn Lehtinen.

Length: 550 cm

Width: 56 cm

Fiberglass: 24 kg

Carbon: 20 kg
Cockpit measures:

Width: 40 cm

Length: 78 cm

Height: 35 cm

Ymir was one of four of the ancestors of all jötnar and born when fire and ice met. He was killed by Odin and his brothers. From his body they made the earth where humans live.


Duva is a vacuum molded composite kayak with rudder and two bulk heads. The kayak is a steady and safe sea kayak, which is very suited for beginners as well as more experienced paddlers. With its adjustable backrest and ideal comfortable seat the kayak gives a great stability. Duva has great tracking and is easy to handle.

Total volume: 285l. Front bulkhead: 59l. Cockpit: 132l. Rear bulkhead: 94l. Max loading weight: 120kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 60kg. - 90kg.

Length: 498 cm

Width: 58 cm

Fiberglass: 23 kg

Carbon: 19 kg
Cockpit measures:

Width: 43 cm

Length: 78 cm

Height: 29 cm

Duva was one of Ågir and Ran´s nine daughters. They were the rulers of the sea, and she was the calm and good wave.


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Norse Sleipner is a very rapid and steady expedition kayak for the experienced paddler. It has a long waterline with a bulp bow, which gives the kayak a high cruising speed. Easy entry hatches in all weather conditions, and a comfortable seat with a satisfying back rest.

Total volume: 392l. Front bulkhead: 110l. Cockpit: 168l. Rear bulkhead: 114l. Max loading weight: 165kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 80kg. - 110kg.

Length: 528 cm

Width: 58 cm

Fiberglass: 24 kg

Carbon: 20 kg
Cockpit measures:

Width: 44 cm

Length: 80 cm

Height: 29 cm

Sleipner was the child of the stalion Svaldifare and Loke, whom transformed into a mare. It had eight legs and was the fastest horse in the world. Only Odin could ride Sleipner.


Norse Heimdall red #3.jpg

Heimdall is our day touring kayak with rudder. It is a very stable and safe alternative for those shorter trips. Rigged as a seakayak with safety lines, bungee cords an two watertight bulkheads. Build in the same superior quality as our other kayaks

Length: 430 cm

Width: 65 cm

Fiberglass: 23 kg

Carbon: 20 kg
Cockpit measures:

Width: 44 cm

Length: 84 cm

Height: 32 cm

Heimdall was the guardian of the rainbow bridge between Asgard and Midgard, the road to the gods.

Total volume: 330l. Front bulkhead: 70l. Cockpit: 160l. Rear bulkhead: 100l. Max loading weight: 145kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 80kg. - 130kg.


Length: 646 cm

Width: 71 cm 

Fiberglass: 39 kg
Carbon: 33 kg

Cockpit measures:


Width: 44 cm

Length: 78 cm

Height: 33 cm


Width: 44 cm

Length: 78 cm

Height: 31 cm

Thor is our large tandem, suitable for all paddlers. It's great stability gives even unexperienced paddlers a comfortable and safe trip. Two bulkheads and an access hatch that makes packing easy. 

Total volume: 649l. Front bulkhead: 79l. Front cockpit: 181l. Rear cockpit: 270l. Rear bulkhead: 119l. Max loading weight: 270kg. 

Recommended paddler weight: 60kg. - 110kg. Designed by Bjorn Lehtinen.

Thor, the perfect warrior protecting the other gods. When lightning and thunder strikes, it is Thor riding his goat drawn chariot fighting gigants with his hammer.


Norse Vilje is a safe and stable fitness kayak that can give you a good workout, without worrying about capsizing. The water tight bulkhead in the stern gives you an extra safety, with ample storage space especially useful during a long session. Seat and foot rests are easily adjustable for different paddlers.

Recommended paddler weight: 50kg. - 100kg.

Length: 520 cm

Width: 60 cm

Fiberglass: 17 kg
Carbon: 15 kg

Cockpit measures:

Width: 47 cm

Length: 95 cm

Height: 29 cm

Vilje was one of Odins two brothers. The three brothers created the first two humans out of logs. And Vilje was the one who gave them sense and movement.

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